Sarah and Ian are engaged to be married.  Sarah is a bit nervous because she knows Ian is a bit of a mess, but has faith he’ll pull himself together.  Sarah is off on a fun weekend with the girls and Ian is determined to prove himself by taking care of her dog and her apartment while she’s gone.

During her trip disaster strikes, global power outages and no communication back home.  Luckily for Sarah and her friends, their island resort is fully stocked, so they are only slightly put out.

But back on the mainland, all Mad Max hell has broken loose.

With no electricity, things quickly devolve.. food is scarce and civilized life is no more. People have formed tribes in these dark times.  With a few luck incidents Ian has accidentally proven himself to be more of a leader than anyone expected.

When Sarah is able to return home finally, she discovers the devastation that she’s missed out on.  When she finds Ian, he is barely the same person.  Jaded from the horrors he’s witnessed.   Now, she has to find a way to remind him of the man he used to be.

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