Eric Rix is an artist, designer and creative producer from North Carolina. He has worked in a variety of mediums, from paint and photography to video and print.

While pursuing a fine arts degree at college, he was introduced to a student filmmaker working on his first movie. After forging a friendship that has spanned twenty years, they’ve created documentaries, independent films and podcasts.

While art and storytelling have been a part of his background, his primary focus the last 10 years has been local news marketing and commercial production. Helping to promote brand growth and expansion with at FOX8 and helping local businesses tell their story.

As devoted as Eric has been telling the stories of others, he considers his art his way of telling his own narrative. His drawings, paintings, and photography have attracted increasing attention. His greatest satisfaction, however, is seeing his creative spirit in his daughters.

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.
– Neil Gaiman