Dystopian Movie

May 16, 2022

Sarah and Ian are engaged to be married.  Sarah is a bit nervous because she knows Ian is a bit of a mess, but has faith he’ll pull himself together.  Sarah is off on a fun weekend with the girls and Ian is determined to prove himself by taking care of her dog and her…

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Going Viral

February 26, 2022

In a 1980’s world, a 15-year-old computer nerd named Beckett O’Connell, is on a quest for popularity by becoming the next V-TV™ sensation.  With many failed attempts to create an audience with his channel, “This is Going Viral,” Beckett becomes more and more desperate for fame. VISIT WEBSITE

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November 15, 2021

Robert Kraft, better known as Raven, has run on the oceanfront sands of Miami’s South Beach every day since January 1, 1975. Many have marveled at this feat over the years and all have the same question… Why? Unforgotten 24 is a story of one man’s fight to ensure his fallen childhood friend received the…

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Unforgotten 24

May 8, 2021

In 2014, twenty-four servicemen were awarded America’s highest military recognition, the Medal of Honor for their valorous acts in either WWII, Korea or Vietnam. Why were some of these servicemen overlooked for nearly seventy years? These men of various colors and ethnicities were denied the award during a period that is often defined by integration…

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Record Safari

March 16, 2020

The film explores the many reasons why people become vinyl enthusiasts and hopes to show viewers why the format has been and remains a powerful medium for music. Is it just a hobby or something deeper? What explains vinyl records steady popularity in the age of streaming? Tag along for the journey as Alex answers…

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City with Dwellings

April 15, 2019

In Winston-Salem, homelessness can cast a shadow over daily life, dimming hope. But art can illuminate a brighter path. The studio isn’t just therapy, it’s a canvas for self-expression and empowerment. Here, individuals experiencing homelessness are seen as artists wielding brushes. They provide painting and drawing materials, fostering a space to explore emotions, build confidence,…

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